Sunday, February 28, 2010

Danishes and Snails: My First Attempt

I think it went pretty well!

This recipe came from Joe Pastry and it turned out absolutely perfect the very first try! I took his advice and very easily quadrupled the recipe and I still have 2 lbs in the freezer just begging to be rolled out and turned into more delicious pastries!

This isn't my first time working with laminated dough....I regular make croissants and pain au chocolate for my family but I've always wanted to make danish from scratch and I am just so surprised at how EASY it turned out to be! Joe Pastry is so amazingly clear and helpful that I am now a fan for life! I must admit, I cheated a little and used pie filling for the danishes but it was the flavor I like and wanted and they came out wonderfully. If you do the same, put the pie filling through and sieve and just used 3 -4 cherries per danish and 2-3 slices of apple and a small spoonful of the cherry or apple pie filling "juice". I doctored the apple pie filling up with some extra cinnamon and nutmeg as well. And the icing for both pastries was just powdered sugar, vanilla and a little hot water. For the snails I mixed in a little cocoa with the powdered sugar before I added the vanilla and hot water and it was perfect.

I sent this beautiful tray of Apple and Cherry Danishes and Chocolate Iced Chocolate Chip Snails over to the hospital for a lucky group of nurses and doctors and they all loved it. As a matter of fact a doctor wanted to PAY ME to make her some more! What a compliment!

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nwafoodie said...

Are you kidding me? These look so beautiful for your first time! I'm gluten-free so I'm lusting over these. :)